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Purdue University School of Science JagDay

Discover where your curiosity can take you with Science! Sign up for a JagDay to engage with dynamic explorers and scholars like yourself some who study and some who teach all of whom know firsthand how IUPUI is fulfilling the promise of an environment of perpetual discovery. Let our Science family open the doors to our world-class facilities and guide you to rewarding undergraduate programs in modern life and health sciences such as neuroscience, as well as computer and information science, physics, chemistry, mathematics and more. Find out how access to diverse research opportunities and an extensive network of academic support can lead to your personal and professional success. Sign up for a Science JagDay today! IUPUI School of Science JagDay begins at 9:30 a.m. and a schedule will be emailed to you prior to their event date.

Please use an email address unique to you, and avoid addresses shared by your family and friends.